The dog park kit includes a one bottle tote or two bottle tote with a matching color utensil pouch, large tug toy, and over the ear mask.

  • The one bottle tote measures 7.5" x 15" laid flat. It has three side pockets for small food items and accessories. Holds one bottle horizontally with room to pack a lunch or snacks for a picnic. The 13" strap is sewn in load-bearing areas and reinforced with bartack stitches.
  • The two bottle tote measures 9" x 13" flat with an interior vertical 6.5" sleeve to keep items upright and separated. The tote can fit two standard 4.5" diameter bottles or a baguette and bundles of flowers. The 23" strap is sewn in load-bearing areas and reinforced with bartack stitches.
  • The large tug toy measures approximately 8"-9" long and 2.5" in circumference. Each tug is hand-knotted and sewn from remnant fabric. Sizes and color may vary slightly.
  • The utensils pouch measures 8 1/2" x 4 1/4" flat. It has a 2" folder to keep items secure and pouch closed. The tare weight is 0.7 ounces.
  • The masks measure approximately 9.75” in width ear to ear. The center band has a height of 2.75”. The nose and chin flaps extend up to 2" from the center band. The origami design is form-fitting and has an interior area for a disposable filter.

    The adjustable cotton earloop cord extends approximately 17" on each side. The cord can be securely tied behind the neck to tighten the overall fit of the mask and work as a mask lanyard.

    Due to the handmade nature, there may be a few centimeters of variance between masks. 
    Visit our Mask FAQ page for helpful tips and information.