About Aplat

We're a small team of passionate women who believe that the simplest moments can be made extraordinary. We design beautiful, functional products that help you create memorable gatherings with friends and loved ones.

Embrace the good life, sustainably

At Aplat, we craft beautiful, reusable products made from organic cotton, designed to elevate your everyday moments and celebrations. We believe in sharing delicious food, laughter, and experiences with loved ones, preferably under the open sky. That's why we create sustainable solutions that make it easy to gather, connect, and savor the good life, al fresco or anywhere, without leaving a footprint.

From picnics in the park to potlucks with friends, our eco-friendly totes and covers are perfect for:

  • Special occasions: Elevate holiday gatherings and gift-giving with unique, sustainable options.
  • Outdoor adventures: Pack delicious meals and snacks for picnics, hikes, and beach days.
  • Everyday moments: Bring a touch of style and sustainability to your lunchbox or park snack.

The Art of Origami 

Every Aplat product is designed with pure geometric patterns and engineered folds to create simple and functional pieces. We spend a great deal of time with math equations behind the scenes–like the golden ratio–to reduce pre-consumer waste in our cut-sew factories.  

Thanks to the beautiful art of origami, you will never find zippers, glue, staples, plastic hardware, or toxic elastic in our products. Everything we design and produce relies on origami principles to limit negative spaces and achieve virtually zero offcut fabric remnants.

Our Brand Commitment

At Aplat, we believe every gathering is an opportunity to connect, savor, and celebrate. That's why we create beautiful, reusable products that empower you to share these special moments with intention, whether it's a picnic in the park, a potluck with friends, or a holiday gathering with family.


Delicious Gatherings, Sustainable Future: Reducing waste, one bite at a time.

Aplat believes that small changes can make a big difference. By offering sustainable food totes and accessories, we empower individuals to reduce their environmental impact while enjoying gatherings with loved ones.