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Our Founder

Aplat founder Shujan Bertrand in the studio.


Inspired by the French “Art de Vivre,” I created the Aplat Design Collection in homage to my family lifestyle in France, which involves daily rituals of sharing homemade food and wine. Combining my career in industrial design with my passion for the environment, my family, and the joy of giving, I have created products that are simply beautiful, thoughtfully crafted, and sustainably designed and made in San Francisco.

I am grateful for my international design experience creating products for highly regarded brands such as Steelcase, Incase, and Nike. In 2014 the a-ha moment came while buying flowers for a friend. When the beautiful bundle of flowers returned covered with crackling cellophane wrapping, I instinctively envisioned a sustainable and elegant alternative for gifting flowers. The sac à fleur (Jardin Tote) was the first of the Aplat Design Collection.

Today, our Korean-American and French multi-cultured family is the source of inspiration for bringing to market the Aplat Design Collection, while we embrace a zero waste lifestyle with my husband and two children.

I have been leading sustainability in my design practice for quite some time, and now innovating new products through Aplat with a focus on zero-waste-design and for our family, friends and brand partners. My origami design principles have been the foundation from day one, enabling me to take each product development phase into the next level - zero waste design for zero waste manufacturing. Inspiring a plastic-free and elastic-free lifestyle.


"Creating products that are sustainably designed, always new yet timeless. I strive for simple classic geometric shapes, and apply an origami pattern into volume approach, resulting in zero waste manufacturing for everything Aplat carries."

—Shujan Bertrand