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San Francisco company creates cloth masks for food workers

Aplat’s Zero Waste Design

Shoppe Object Designer Spotlight, Winter 2020

My background is in Industrial Design, 25 years of advance product development, design research and strategy. I’ve worked in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Milan, Munich, and Seoul. Most of my career was in lifestyle consumer products…

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The Tote Bag for Precious Cargo

Bon Appétit, Holiday 2019

Àplat is so smart. It allows you to carry things horizontally: casseroles, cobblers, avocados and stone fruit and other things from the farmer’s market that you don’t want to stack up on each other and bruise.

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54 Surprising, Delightful, and Weird Holiday Gifts

New York Magazine, November- December 2019

Typically, we share recommendations for the best products, period — it doesn’t matter when they came out as long as they are exceptionally useful, beautiful, surprising, or otherwise worth recommending.

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The 39 Best Food and Kitchen Gifts for Cooks, Dinner Party Enthusiasts, and Everybody Else Who Loves Food

Epicurious, December 2019

Saving leftovers so often feels like an eco-unfriendly task, what with all the tin foil and plastic wrap and easily-disposable plastic containers. These organic cotton food covers, fitted with an easy drawstring, solve that problem.

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Current Obsessions: Shadowland

Remodelista, October 2019

Browse Remodelista posts on Current Obsessions to get ideas for your home remodeling or interiors project. Highlighting a range of solutions using Current Obsessions across a variety of budget levels.

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Meet the Women Taking Over Denver Design Week, October  2019

These women pursued their design projects with such fire that they have made it to the top of their fields. Meet five of them below and mark your calendars to learn more from their incredible stories during the fourth-annual Denver Design Week.

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Six Easy Home Routines You Can Adopt To Help Our Planet

Imagine It Done, August  2019

Fresh foods like fruit, vegetables, and bread need to breathe to preserve freshness and prevent mold. Little known fact? Cotton is a breathable fabric, plastic is not. We recently discovered a fantastic company called Aplat...

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Set for Spring: Travel Tote, April 2019

Inspiring tabletop and accessories, just in time for spring. Eco-chic designs from the Aplat Design collection are made from 100-percent organic cotton canvas that is washable and reusable.

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Great Finds: Goody Bag

Fine Cooking, August/September 2018

This organic cotton canvas "poche a pain" is great for bread storage. Over time, loose flour from the bread forms a protective coating on the bag's interior to help keep loaves fresh.

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Totally Deliver With This Denim Pie Carrier, March 2018

This sturdy, soft denim bag has an ingenious design that keeps round or square platters, pie tins or casserole dishes upright, and your culinary cred intact.

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9 Pretty Products Made by Female Artisans

Rachel Ray Everyday, February 2018

Pick up one of these handcrafted accessories and you’re not just scoring something sweet for yourself—you’re also supporting talented female artisans

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90 Great Hostess Gifts, January 2018

Every good guest knows the golden rule: never show up empty-handed. But finding just the right thing for your gracious host can feel like an insurmountable task…

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Aplat Totes on a Mission

San Francisco Chronicle, October 2017

In this day and age, when tote bags are a dime a dozen, squashed mindlessly inside cars and suitcases, Bertrand wants hers to be used, reused — and passed down like precious heirlooms.

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The Find: Totes Smart

The Oprah Magazine, July 2017

We are so honored to have our Plat Culinary Tote featured as "The Find" in O, The Oprah Magazine. Check us out in the July issue on newsstands now. 

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From Farm to Factory

Metropolis, February 2017

The tote bag seems like one of the few items for which it isn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel. Not so for Shujan Bertrand…

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“Here’s a gift for all those avid pie bakers out there. Instead of a basket or box, they can tote that freshly made pie to a dinner party in a cloth carrier. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?”
“Your famous potato salad deserves to arrive at the barbecue in style. Slide it into the Plat culinary tote from àplat, a convenient canvas sack that will keep your casserole dish or pie plate upright in one hand so can carry a bottle of Chardonnay in the other.”
“Sewn from surplus fabric by women in San Francisco, Aplat’s Vin Horizontal Tote in Denim might be the chicest way to pack baguette and a bottle for a picnic or a party.”
“Aplat Culinary Totes make carrying pots and plates to dinner actually feel chic.”
“Whatever you use them for, these are arguably the most elegant yet functional totes you’re likely to find, and they’re going to make your summer party-going an absolutely stylish breeze.”
“The busy girl’s answer to the bag craze...both functional and cool, a playful and sophisticated take on simplicity.”

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