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Aplat’s Circular Process

After locking down our zero-waste design management in production, we are working on other aspects of our circular economy business model. It comes back to making choices - these choices are an investment in our priority for building communities in every step of our cycle - promoting a new way of understanding design and manufacturing for makers and consumers.

We recognize this is not the finish line for our supply chain because the life cycle of our products begins even before we’re involved. So we’re currently researching partnerships with other emerging sustainable fiber companies.

As we head into the Summer season of picnicking and adventuring, I wanted to share some additional things I like to keep in mind when visiting the parks, beaches, and forests. After all, we’re not just sharing these places with our own company and other visitors, but more importantly, with all the flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Aplat starts with zero waste as a core design principle.

The Aplat design collection does not use any hardware or non-renewable materials.

We use 100% GOT certified organic cotton and locally sourced surplus fabric that otherwise would end up in landfills. 

We operate by small batch to avoid overproduction, to keep our quality at a high level, and to ensure zero-waste manufacturing.

We take our selvage edges from our fabric rolls and use them for packing and shipping products.

We also partner with Phoenix Fibers to upcycle any minuscule remnants into insulation material for other uses.

Our customers are conscious consumers, and we partner with companies that share the same values.

Our design studio is evolving to be a zero-waste workspace, where we can invite people to join our repair & reuse workshops.

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