The Math Behind It

The Math Behind It

Math is an integral part of yielding zero waste. So we do a lot of math, fueled by a lot of passion.

Here’s a glossary of our most commonly used terms and concepts:


A pattern marker is the first step to manufacturing a cut-sew product. Each marker reveals the positive (panels to sew) and the negative (waste). Working carefully with the marker is the mathematical key to projecting waste. We spend many hours adjusting the marker in order to retain zero waste each time. 


Golden Ratio (φ):

The Golden Ratio is really a genius ratio of relationships between the length and width of rectangles. Easier explained through visuals than words.


Pi (π):

Pi is an irrational number that continues infinitely, and it lends us infinite possibilities throughout our design process. The number is the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter. We use Pi to account for the surface area of our round patterns and to accommodate for our offcuts.