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Sizing Help

The difference is in the size, shape, and height of what fits best in each tote. The Plat Pie Tote is best for shallow rounds and squares up to two inches tall without handles or ornate rims. The Plat Cookware Tote also fits rounds and squares but can accommodate up to 11 inches tall based on the diameter. The Cookware Totes have a two inch opening that allow room for handles. The Plat Casserole is best for shallow rectangles and ovals up to two inches tall without handles or ornate rims. The Plat Grand Cookware Tote also fits rectangles and ovals but can accommodate up to 5 inches tall based on the width and length. The large the width and length, the shorter the height that can fit. The Cookware Totes have a two-inch opening that allows room for handles.

Please view the answers below for videos and more info.

The Plat Dish Tote is best sized for pie and tart dishes, pans, and bakeware. For shallow rounds and squares, the maximum width or diameter including handles and lip is 11" with a max height of 2". For serving bowls, the max diameter is 10" by 4.5" in height.

Cookware shown in the video above:
Tart and Quiche pan 9"x1"
East Fork Pie Plate 11"x2"
East Fork Weeknight Serving Bowl 10.3"x2.5"
Heath Ceramics Large Bowl 10"x4.5"

The Plat Casserole Tote is best sized for carrying rectangular or oval casseroles, baking dishes, and pans up to 9"x13" in outer width and length including handles or ornate lips and up to 2.5" in height including lids. View the videos below for more information.

Cookware shown in the video above:
Rossallini Stoneware Casserole 9"x11"x2"
Pyrex Bakeware 2-Quart Oblong Baking/Serving Dish 11"x7"'x1.5"
HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan 9"x13"x2.5"

The Plat Cookware Tote best fits taller round and square pans, pots, and bowls.

Cookware shown in the video:
Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Dutch Oven Pot with Lid, 6.5 qt 10.5" diameter x 6.5" height, 13.25" overall width including handles.
Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pre-seasoned Pot with Lid Lifter Handle, 5 qt 10" diameter x 6" height
KOTO Eco-friendly 2 Tier Bamboo steamer with Lid, 12" x 12"

The Plat Grand Cookware Tote is our largest and most versatile carrier. It is ideal for carrying large oval and rectangular cook and bakeware. Watch the video for more info.

Cookware shown in the video above:
Great Jones Hot Dish 16.5"x9.25"x3" (with handles)
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Oval Dutch Oven, 9.5 qt 10.75"x13.75"x5.5"
Le Creuset Stoneware Heritage Covered Rectangular Casserole, 4 qt. 9"x15"x5.5" with lid.

The Bread and Produce Bags come in 3 sizes: we use the Medium Poche for Danish Rye or square loaves, the Large PocheV for round country loaves, and the Extra Large Poche for large/long country loaves like the ones from Tartine Manufactory. We recommend our Baguette Tote for storing and carrying baguettes.

Measure the outer edges of the pan, dish, pot, or casserole. If it is ornate, chamfered, or has handles, please take the outermost measurement including these features. Then measure the height including lids or covers.

If you are looking for a tote that is flexible and carries a variety of cook and bakeware sizes, we recommend the Plat Cookware Totes

Measure the top and outside edges of your pan or dish to see if it fits within the dimensions of our product. If your pan or bowl is ornate, chamfered, or has handles, please take the outermost measurement including these features to ensure that the cover will wrap around the entire dish.

Product Care

All our organic cotton products are preshrunk for machine-friendly washing and drying. To sustain the life of our products, we strongly recommend machine washing in cold water with like colors and laying flat to dry by air.

Yes, please wash your bags, totes, covers, and masks before use as lots of hands touch the product throughout its production.

Blot, don’t rub. For tough organic stains, we recommend an all-natural enzymatic stain remover that is safe for you and the environment.

When not in use our covers, totes, bags, and pouches lay completely flat. You can fold them for easy storage in drawers with the rest of your kitchen linens.

In France, every home kitchen has a bread bag dedicated to keeping and storing bread of all shapes and sizes. Storing bread in cotton is the perfect medium between plastic, which creates too much moisture that leads to mold, and paper, which dries it out. Cotton will absorb any moisture while allowing the loaf to breathe. We recommend that you dedicate a Bread Bag to only storing bread.

Let the flour from the crust build up over time on the inside of the bag, creating a protective layer that will help preserve the bread longer. Gently shake any excess crumbs from the bag before storing a new loaf.

General Inquiries

We design and manufacture all Aplat products in San Francisco, California. Learn more about Aplat's manufacturing and commitment to sustainability here.

We do not have a brick and mortar store but Aplat products are available in-store at any of our nationwide retail partners. You can view all our stockists here. We also travel to a variety of pop-ups and markets; please see our events page for more information.

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