3/14 is Pi Day!

3/14 is Pi Day!

We love pi and pies!

π is an irrational number that continues infinitely, and it lends us infinite possibilities throughout our Zero Waste Design™ process.


To eliminate scraps in manufacturing our Couvres-Plat, we start with π as the defining character in calculating the area of a circle (πR2) for each pattern design. Then, we divide the ply of fabric by the area of the circle. That's how many APLAT cotton covers we yield, and what is left are small triangles and squares that are turned into our Celebration Garlands. What better way to celebrate Pi!


Every pattern and product is designed using math formulas like π, to communicate with our factories and achieve Zero Waste Design.  We are so excited to share our slice of Pi day with you all. Thank you for celebrating with us!


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