A Gift For The Gut

A Gift For The Gut

I first discovered Judy Tan when I judged elixirs at the Good Food Awards a few years back. I loved how her childhood memories of her grandmother making fruit-infused vinegar drinks sweetened with honey inspired her to create her own line of prebiotic elixirs of handcrafted 100% organic, artisanal fruit, root, herb, and botanical infusions with apple cider vinegar called Purely.

I invited Judy to our studio to mix a few of her favorite holiday spritzers and to show us how to create a healthy drink to celebrate the holidays.

You can’t go wrong with any of the infusions. Drink it as is or add it to brighten any fizzy water. Entertain and impress your guests with a splash of Purely in your cocktails. 

Judy Tan founder of Purely Drinks
Purely Drinks Recipe


Mix one ounce Purely to four onces sparkling water

Mix one ounce of Purley, one ounce spirit, two ounces sparkling water, and a half ounce lemon juice 

Mix one ounce Purely, four ounces sparkling water, three quarter ounce lemon juice, and garnish with fruits and herbs

Cooking or Baking:
Replace any vinegar or acid with Purely