Back To Our Roots

Back To Our Roots

Many of us have picked up gardening as a socially-distant safe activity outdoors during the pandemic. I also have invested time into building a family garden at my home in San Francisco. I love tending to it and enjoy the fruits of my labor year-round. Standing amidst flowers, with the sun on my face and dirt under my fingernails, feels amazingly satisfying and peacefully centering.

Spending time outdoors has always been a love of mine. Believe it or not, I even chose to go camping for my honeymoon! Luckily, my husband shares the same passion for nature. 

When I create products for Aplat, I always come back to designs that embrace the outdoors– how they are made, how they will be used, and how they will return to the earth one day. 

Creating our Jardin Gathering Apron & Sling

Aplat Jardin Gardin Gathering Apron and Sling

Our new Gathering Apron and Gathering Sling have been a long time coming! After years of being in the works, the collection is finally here.

We’re honored to be launching this collection in partnership with Heath Ceramics, which designs and crafts elegant dinnerware and cookware products. Like Aplat, Heath focuses on beautiful, well-made, and seasonally-inspired designs. They’re a natural choice for a partnership, which is why the Olive Collection, Gathering Sling, and Gathering Apron will be available as part of Heath’s Forest Green’s Winter Collection. 

Our Jardin Collection embodies a natural ideal, focusing on carriers made of sustainable materials to be used for your outdoor needs. When using our Gathering Apron or Gathering Sling, you’ll be able to easily transport garden produce or foraging finds while enjoying your time in the fresh air.

Connecting with Nature

Aplat Gathering Sling Log Carrier

The Gathering Apron is a foraging garden apron for those who spend time cultivating the land. It provides an easy way to collect fresh fruit and veggies from your home garden without cumbersome baskets and bowls. A sturdy drawstring loops the apron's bottom edge into the perfect container to carry anything from root vegetables to delicate herbs.

Tuck flower stems into the Gathering Apron for safekeeping, or stuff the apron full of vine-picked peas and beans to take home for an afternoon snack. When foraging in the forest, the Apron is the best place to nestle juicy sun-ripened berries, and its breathable cotton fabric makes it optimal for collecting wild mushrooms to keep them nice and fresh.

Aplat Garden Harvesting Apron
Aplat Harvest Gathering Sling Carrier

The Gathering Sling is the ideal tote to transport heavier items like firewood or gardening tools. It’s also the best option to gently carry long-stemmed flowers home from the garden or farmer’s market. Whatever you use it for, the Gathering Sling’s wide straps offer extra shoulder support, and its drawstring edges ensure that nothing will fall out.

There’s a special place in my heart for the Jardin Collection since the Jardin Bouquet Tote was the very first Aplat product. I’m proud to add the Gathering Apron and Sling to the origin story of Aplat and I’m excited to say there will be more products in the Jardin Collection coming soon as we continue to build on this piece of Aplat’s history.

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