Bag-to-School with Aplat

Bag-to-School with Aplat

Summer adventures and day camps for the kids are coming to an end—and now it’s time to get them ready for school again. The other day while packing their lunches and art supplies (in reusable pouches and bags, of course), my husband joked and said, “You should really call it ‘bag-to-school’ instead of ‘back-to-school’.” And it’s true. I really do use Aplat totes for just about anything! It’s fun finding new purposes for them beyond food, wine, and garden.

But let’s talk bag-to-school.

When it comes to lunches, reusable and washable pouches, bags and containers are my go-to. I use the small pouches for snacks, fruits and sandwiches, and stainless steel containers for the not-so-dry, larger items. The containers featured here are by U-Konserve—they’re terrific and come in many sizes. Then I throw everything into a medium or large pouch.

A nifty idea I discovered this Summer is using the horizontal wine tote for art and writing supplies. The back opening can accommodate small notebooks, sketch pads, and journals, while the three front pockets can hold pens, pencils, scissors, and other accessories. All these items shown here are from Wisdom Supply Co, and we love them because they are also focused on zero waste, specifically school supply kits.

I always have new ideas brewing and I will certainly share them. For now, I hope you enjoy these last few days of Summer with your little ones. But let’s be honest, aren’t you happy they’re heading back to school again? :-)