Limited-Edition Collab: Aplat x Material Kitchen

Limited-Edition Collab: Aplat x Material Kitchen

I am so excited about our collaboration with Material Kitchen! Working with Material Kitchen, a fellow AAPI and women-founded business has been incredible. This project has been in the works for several months, and it’s my pleasure to share our collaborative designs with you.

Aplat x Material Kitchen

About Material Kitchen

Material Kitchen designs and creates beautiful kitchenware products, from knives to cutting boards to ceramic bowls and plates. They carefully craft timeless kitchen necessities that won’t clutter your kitchen with single-use gadgets. 

Like Aplat, Material Kitchen’s products are beautiful, functional, and built to last a lifetime. With exceptional product design, Material Kitchen creates tools for the home cook to use everyday with ease and joy.


Our Collaboration

I’ve admired Material Kitchen and its products from the day they launched, and it’s amazing to have this opportunity to work together. Apart from our similar lines of work, Eunice of Material Kitchen is a fellow AAPI designer.

It was a mutual friend, Judy Kim, who connected us. I’d always wanted to work with Material Kitchen, but Eunice beat me to it! She reached out to me early this spring and jump-started our collaboration. And now, after just six months, Aplat and Material Kitchen have launched the Picnic Set together.

Of course, Aplat’s partnership with Material Kitchen is more than just a collaboration between two brands. More than anything, our shared values have brought us together.

Our brands are deeply rooted in sharing food, memories, and traditions among family and friends. We both focus on thoughtful and intentional designs that result in long-lasting products. By emphasizing sustainable sourcing and quality craftsmanship in every product we make, Aplat and Material Kitchen strive to be industry leaders in business practices that are best for people and the planet.


Aplat x Material Kitchen Picnic Set

Partnership Product: The Picnic Set

Picnic Tote so you can easily transport your picnic essentials, like Material Kitchen’s reBowl, mini reBoard, and The Almost 4” Knife. You can purchase these items in a bundle here on Material Kitchen’s website.

The Aplat Picnic Tote is the same size as our popular Cookware Tote, so there’s plenty of room to slide in tall cookware with handles and lids. We also added a new design feature specifically for the Picnic Tote with –a knife pocket, perfect for safely storing a small paring knife so you can prepare food on the go. This tote is sturdy, durable, and will keep all of your picnic fixings upright and horizontal.


 Continuing Our Mission

Aplat’s partnership with Material Kitchen is a dream come true. I love collaborating with designers and business owners whose values align so well with Aplat’s, and Material Kitchen is a natural partner.

As Aplat continues to expand its zero-waste design philosophy, I hope to find other brands that share my dedication to sustainable products and community-based business practices. I’m always excited to work with like-minded businesses and look forward to collaborating with others in the future.