Our Love of Martha Stoumen Wines

Our Love of Martha Stoumen Wines
Tell us the story of MS Wines.

To get my start in the industry, I spent 8 years apprenticing under other winegrowers around the world, and eventually completed a Masters in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis. Seeing the love each of my mentors had for their respective homelands, inspired me to turn my focus to making wines that expressed the diversity of nature in my own home. I only wanted to make wines that were crafted, not formulated, and that prioritized land stewardship and the humans laboring behind the scenes rather than glossy marketing. Not nearly enough of the wine made in CA met these requirements, so I started my own business in 2014 to do just that.

Martha Stoumen biking with wine in an Aplat two bottle wine tote
What’s inspiring you as we head into fall and the shorter days?

Connection! As the vines slow down, I find the warm whispers of fall bring me a renewed sense of connection. In the fall, I can plug into my creative passions and deepen my bonds with others.

Martha Stoumen winery connections

What’s your favorite way to wear your Aplat mask (or activity to do while wearing it)?

Having a well crafted mask makes all the difference working in the winery. Whether we’re climbing barrels, zipping around on the forklift, or digging out tanks of grapes, having a high quality, durable mask makes me feel secure.

Martha Stoumen working in the winery wearing Aplat Mask
Which of your wines are you drinking right now?

We just released six new wines and I can’t get enough of Young Vines. 99% Zinfandel + Zinfandel-related clones and just a splash of Vermentino. This uplifting wine is perfect for these warm early fall days in Sonoma County.