The Culture of Giving

The Culture of Giving

Every season I think, “This is the season of Aplat!”

Every season I think, “This is the season of Aplat!”, but I do feel it the most at this holiday time of year when I’m out in our community, meeting and talking with so many of you and hearing your stories. Aplat is all about elevating the act of giving, and I love hearing your own personal stories, too, about food and wine – the Plat Tote for a friend who loves to bake, or the Wine Tote as a hostess gift, or the Grand Tote that becomes the favorite bag for everything. These moments are both generous and thoughtful, sometimes quiet, often excited; and I’m honored to be a part of them.

Aplat Plat Chambray

During this season I  feel a collective sense of generosity , knowing that in my own community, and all over the world, there are rituals around giving happening in countless cultures. In the Korean tradition, guests arrive at a gathering or celebration with a box of fresh fruit, offering it as a gesture of gratitude to their hosts. And in my own house, there is always a big bowl of fruit on the dining room table as a symbol of hearth and plenty and welcome. Then there are the traditions I’ve seen across Europe, especially in Blaise’s family home in France, where gifts are often pastries and cakes that are beautifully wrapped and festively presented – another symbol of bounty and celebration intended to be heartily consumed among loved ones.

Whatever your own traditions happen to be, I want to thank you for being part of Aplat and sharing with us.

Happy Holidays!