Zero Waste Design and Manufacturing

Zero Waste Design and Manufacturing

Aplat zero waste design and manufacturing

We design with empathy

As an industrial designer by training, I design differently because I care about the impact Aplat products have on the environment, and for the people who sew them. My frugal mindset enables me to cut down waste by using a single cut pattern (which I call the "golden rectangle", named after the mathematical principle) to create multiple products. Origami design principles limit the need for hardware, and maximize shipping efficiency as all the products fold down easily into 8"x 8" squares.


When I had my first purchase order from Heath Ceramics, I couldn’t afford to pay for more than one pattern, one marker, and 100 yards of organic cotton. With limited resources, I designed the pattern to yield 100% of the yard, and zero waste of raw materials. Just with one single “golden rectangle” pattern I was able to create 4 different tote styles; Plat-Standard, Plat-Wide, Vin-Horizontal, Grand Tote. This mindset carried through to be Aplat’s design principles of Origami Folds and Zero Waste Design and Manufacturing - under the promise of using 100% of the organic cotton. I am committed to saving the planet, reduce waste of material and save time in labor. Every hand, thread and every inch of our fabric is golden.

Aplat encourages zero waste living from product conception, through production, delivery, and usage. Every step along the way is carefully designed to minimize cost and increase efficiency, while celebrating the art of sewing. The proximity of the Aplat studio and factory enables me to be nimble, and iterate constantly in close collaboration with our manufacturing partners in Bay View, San Francisco.